Steel Heart Machine and Fab. Inc. - Welding, Fabrication, Machining
Steel Heart Machine And Fab. Inc. was opened in 2005 
owner Jeremy Alsum takes great pride in his company's work and it shows with every project. 

Steel Heart is a full service machine and fabrication shop. 
Jeremy Alsum is a 1st Class Machinist and Welder with over 15 years experience, working in 5 different full service industrial machine shops. There, he learned to weld, as well as learn different aspects of the manufacturing world of metal.
 Steel Heart brings a very unique perspective to the world of metal fabrication; from free hand design to computer aided design. We are not limited to Machine, Railing, and Staircase, parts that are found in book,s we can design and build what ever is needed for every custom job.

Jeremy Alsum on site tig welding 

Steel Heart Jeremy Alsum Design S.S. Handrail 

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