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Grid Gates
Cable rail
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This is a railing that whent out to be powder coated last week.
All Alum. The post are 2 x 2 Square the tubes are 1/2 Schedule 40 and the inside where the tubes connect are 1/2 X 1 they are drilled on a mill with a 3 axes digital read out so the holes are exact. The holes are drilled threw the 1/2 x 1 then plug welded and ground flat so you dont see any weld.

Ford Flat bed

installing I beams

Some one asked how we installed the I beam Job 

Another Stair

Every thing seems to come in phases and are phase right now is stair cases 

I beam Job Front entry

From drawing to instalation 

Stair case from shop to powder coater to Instalation

The new web site

This is the lanch of the new Steel Heart Web site projects to come
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